OREMO Recording Package Finnish VCV 2.01 β

For smooth singing in Finnish!

  1. YukitoYuki
    Edit2: Due to new reclist version, the information below is slightly outdated. The information will be updated as soon as possible!!!

    I forgot to mention in file's readme than @ mark in my recording list mean "any vowel sound". Yes, any! Any vowel sound!

    This recording pack includes:

    - reclist (.txt files for OREMO)
    - blank oto.ini & oto_ini.txt files
    - BGMguides
    - Pronouncing guide (in English and Japanese)
    - Short test USTs*
    *made in UTAU-Synth, the USTs MIGHT bug in Win UTAU. No 100% guarantee for working in Win UTAU.
    - Few example wav files

    Special thanks for @Adlez27 for making BGM guides!

    The recording list itself has:

    - All V CV combinations for selected consonants*
    - All V V sound
    - CCV are recorded as CVVC for extra smoothness
    - Ending consonants
    - VC C to make translation between two consonants smooth and sound natural
    - few CCs
    *few Finnish consonants are recorded as CVVC because there was few consonants that were difficult to record as VCV and/or didn't work well as VCV

    The reclist is 6/5 mora with some 2-mora recordings.

    Samples (covers + acapella):

    An Example VB DL (Toka Aki Finnish VCV) => http://www.mediafire.com/file/zspc1wyuq1wvq14/Toka_Aki_FIN_VCV_(no_spef_files_ver).zip