OREMO Recording Package Finnish VCV 2.01 β

For smooth singing in Finnish!

  1. Fixed the download link

    Download link got fixed. That's all.

    Please message me if there's any problem with the DL link, thanks!
  2. Completely re-written Finnish VCV reclist

    -reclist is completely re-written and has many improvements to ver 1.0

    -uses same BGM guide than the previous version (tempo 120BPM)

    -"V C-"is now included as a part of VCV in name of effectiveness. "V C-" no longer recorded in a separate part.

    -Has VCV and CVVC settings just like before.

    -for the clarification, /ks/ sound is now typed as "ks" just like in CVVC Pika

    -added few new CC combinations and rigged off from unnecessary CC/CCC combinations.

    -"- CCV" and "V CC/V CC-" no longer...
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