OREMO Recording Package Finnish Pika (CVVC) 1.0

Fast to record Finnish reclist

  1. YukitoYuki
    Nota Bene: This recording list is NOT compatible with DeepVocal software. This list works in UTAU ONLY!


    Reclist name is "Pika" meaning "express" in English. This Finnish CVVC is Arpasing inspired and made to be as lightweight and fast to record as possible.

    File includes:

    • readme
    • oto.ini/oto_ini.txt
    • oto.ni/oto_ini.txt for multi-pitch VB (replace @ mark with wished Surffix. E.g. "A3". Use Notepad or TextEdit to do replacing.)
    • BGMguide made by @Kiyoteru
    Example voicebanks:

    Toka Aki - 2 pitch VB download: https://bowlroll.net/file/149507

    Lychee - single pitch VB download: https://bowlroll.net/file/148726

    Please note that Lychee has extra (English) samples but Aki is without any extra sounds.