Single Reclist μCVVC Japanese

The smallest fully functioning CVVC list

  1. na4a4a
    μCVVC (microCVVC) is the smallest fully functioning CVVC list. Unlike other lists that remove digraphs (kya, gyo, etc) which makes banks harder to use, μCVVC actually removes starting CV.
    This allows optimization in a way that creates a very tiny list without removing any important sounds.
    As of version 3/4, mono and digraphs are merged to reduce the total sample count even further.

    It is very easy to create very consistent voicebanks thanks to how short the list is.

    The bridging CV takes up the task of performing the starting notes, this doesn't affect the sound at all. Other lists will use starting syllables for mid-phrase transitions which can result in an unnatural sound. You can dual alias the samples if you want.

    Version 4 (latest)

    (old versions)
    Version 3
    Version 2.1
    Version 2
    Version 1

    Demo (version 1)

    initial version:
    First draft

    missing samples fixed

    added less-used samples for convenience

    minor changes, merged into v2.

    complete reformatting because I can

    grouped similar samples to make vowels more consistent
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