Critique Requested 【UTAU / MMD cover】 「 PONPONPON 」【Kiki Sagawa】

Discussion in 'Song Covers' started by jasmin00, Aug 29, 2020.

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    Voicebank download : click here

    Credits in the description of the video :smile:
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    I'm not very familiar with MMD, but I've studied some 3D in school so take my words with a grain of salt, also I'm not quite sure how much you've been in control of, and how much is Lauren's work, but I'll point some stuff that stood out for me!

    The motion data is pretty good, but I'm sure you could add more interpolation between the poses by modifying the keyframes. This could maybe help bring more weight to the character's bouncing up and down, and leave less stiff still poses (while hands are moving the rest of the torso stays still or such.)
    Interpolating the movement of the camera, the motion starting off slow and finishing as very fast, would make it more dynamic also! :smile:

    Long hair and clothes seem to bring their problems with MMD, I'm not the one to help with those but they were noticeable in some points, the classic Miku hair problem where the strands get stuck somewhere :D

    A shadow draws over Kiki around 02:33, was that intentional?

    The cover is great! You know your ways with the multipitch bank which is sounding amazing. I'm very excited to see more of your MMD stuff,
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