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Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by ck13, Jul 26, 2019.

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    hello i am ck13 and i own an utau by the name of dorian. atm, dorian is a tripitch, multiexpression vcv bank w vocal fries and end breaths and a weird falsetto pitch.

    s o i have decided that i am at a point in dorian's development in which i find myself feeling that i may not be able to complete the bank on my own. so i'm opening downloads for dorian's beta. they can be obtained through this discord server, which i will be using to discuss development. also it is very cursed. feel free to join whether u want to help w something specific, want to test out the vb, or just want to chill. moral support is always appreciated.

    also sorry if this is in the wrong spot forums t errify me and i don't know why


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