CHROMATIC Short Story (Freedom)

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    Hello everyone! For release of the voice banks for my CHROMATIC project, I have written a short story as a small thing for what's to come later!

    This story is focused around ESEN, the wind android.


    With that, the world was gone in an instant.
    The wind stopped blowing, the trees and plants decayed away... Nothing felt left behind in those moments. All that there was left was grays and musk.
    There were sounds, but not wanted ones. Familiar at best, but wanting to be forgotten.

    Loading... Loading...

    She wished she had a word for how her head felt, but it was hard to comprehend it. No human emotion or feeling could describe it for her. She would ask her caretaker, but they were gone. They were all gone. Nobody was there to tell her how to feel anymore.

    The android continued to look up at the screen that still sat in the lab. It was in a constant state of loading. Loading for what? Who knows it's probably messed up beyond repair. The "mega light" caused it to happen. Along with everything else being swallowed by it. At least it was trying to get something to work. Keyword being "try."

    After hours of looking back and forth towards the screen, she sighed and floated herself up. There was no point just sitting there. She hated doing that. She guessed this was her chance to finally get out of the lab for once. There wasn't anyone there to stop her now. For that, she floated towards the exit and forward into the dusky, morbid, world.

    Hours then mounted from her adventure outside. There really wasn't anything much to explore besides trashed buildings. There was a few neat things she guessed. She would find small houses that survived the "mega light" that adorned words on the top ends of them. What sort of things lived in these small homes? How do they sleep with the lack of a door? All good questions she thought up in her head. It at least entertained her.

    She added more and more questions, which made her all the more curious. So many things that her caretakers refused to tell her or show her. Maybe in the end it was a good thing the "mega light" took them away. It let her explore, and that was good! Right?

    She would think it was good. It's not like she had the best concepts in mind. She wasn't taught that either. Oh how much she wish she was taught more things... More things that would help her on this journey of musk and grays.

    It was time for her to go forth and learn more she thought. She couldn't be stopped now. She at least felt free for once in her sort life.

    She floated herself back towards the lab. Still nobody there. Still lonely.
    She scavenged around to find her voice box. She didn't know if she needed it, but felt it may come in handy in case she finally discovers more humans... Or maybe her siblings if she's lucky.

    After thirty minutes or so in search, she found it within the lab's security desk. Kinda busted, but still seemed functional in the very lease. Throwing it in her hoodie for later, she looked back down at the security desk to find paper work. She looked hard at it to noticed it belonged to her caretakers.

    "For the Mintorchard family-

    Thank you so much for helping me out with my attribute energy program! I've been needing a few hands around with my prototypes! I know you folks have been needing a good hand in studying wind-powered energy sources for quite a long while that I thought this lovely here would be a good candidate. Careful though about her playin' around with the windmills. Don't want her getting her caught up in them and it already takes too much more money out of me to even make this good ole prototype! Don't worry though! Just watch after ESEN and remember to send your progress with her back to me! I'll be looking forward to your progress!

    -Dr. Haylen Hunts"

    That name she remembered. That was the man that made her and her siblings. It was hazy to her however. She was probably about 3 weeks old at the time even. If she could remember anything about the doctor, was at least he made funny noises that made ESEN actually smile. Her caretakers never did funny noises and still made her frown every time she would ask them too and get rejected.

    Again, they were gone, and ESEN was free.

    The android took the letter and began stuffing it inside her hood next to her voice box. She concluded that she was ready to leave and floated outside the lab one last time. She wouldn't have to come back ever again. No more being told what to do. She could be her own being and learn about the world...Or what was left of it anyways.

    Passing the old, ruined, homes... Small houses where they lacked a door... Large signs and motor vehicles that no longer stood up or moved anymore... ESEN knew it was now time to start her new life.

    Onward into the world left as dust.

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