Kii Nane English 1.0

English? English.

  1. KiiDOS
    Kii Nane ENG was recorded with one of Delta's CVVC reclists and is encoded as such. UST note lyric editing may be needed if using her with premade USTs.

    =Usage Tips=
    Kii was recorded with the intention of having an Australian accent. As such:

    - the lyric "r" should only stress in the start of a word, or right before a vowel, should not stress at the end of a word or before a consonant
    eg. stress: [st] [rE] [E s] | before a: [bi] [i f] [fO] [O r] [rA] | word: [w3] [3 d]

    - the lyric "O" pulls double-duty as both a short "oh" sound and as a long "aww" sound
    eg. short O: upon [V p] [pO] [O n] | long O: forlorn [fO] [O l] [lO] [O n]

    - I have never found any personal reason to use the small-case "o" but you might so please do experiment

    - if the lyrics "{" and "3" sound too harsh at times, consider using small-case "a" in their place
    eg. consider: [kO] [O n] [sI] [I d] [d3] vs. [kO] [O n] [sI] [I d] [da]
    eg. sound: [s{] [aU] [U n] [n d] vs. [sa] [aU] [U n] [n d]