Single Reclist Arpasing dx Reclist 2017-11-25

Add an alveolar tap to Arpasing

  1. WinterdrivE
    So after I started making and using Arpasing, I felt like the one thing most glaringly missing was the alveolar tap, [dx] in Arpabet/Arpasing, otherwise known as [4] in VOCALOID/X-SAMPA, and [dd] in VCCV.

    I also realized after I uploaded my Accidentally in Love UST that its full of dx's that only KYE's unreleased VB can read.

    So here's the really short reclist I used to add dx into his VB, along with a blank base oto. (If any of you were weird and recorded at 60 BPM/120BPMx2 beats like I did, message me and i can give you a not blank one)

    About the list:
    Its only 4 lines with 5 syllables each and provides [dx V] and [V dx] for all vowels in Arpasing, as well as [r dx] for words like "harder," and "border."

    Some things to note:
    It does not use words. Its simply each vowel strung together with [dx] in between, eg "uw_dx_aw_dx_uh_dx_ae_dx_oy." Thus it requires familiarity with the Arpasing phonemes and how to pronounce them out of context.

    [dx ao] is included twice, as [dx ao] and [dx ao1] to account for the 2 different pronunciations of [ao] in Arpasing. [dx ao] (recorded without an r after it) is the "aw" sound (not the phoneme [aw]) as in the words "law," "all," or "caught," corresponding to [9] in VCCV, while [dx ao1] (with an r after it in the list) is the o in "core," "store," "hoard," etc and corresponds to 0r in VCCV.

    Feel free to message me or post on this resource with commens or questions.