What does your Utau's name mean?

Discussion in 'UtaOC' started by AmberTonnerre, Mar 14, 2019.

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    I'm sure threads similar to this have been posted in the past but I thought it would be fun for everyone to share!

    I've always enjoyed seeing how people pick the names for their utau whether that be based on their own name/ username (Beccaloid, Jei Crepene) or their design/ theme (Buttnose, Stella Hoshine) etc. so please share your Utau's name and why you picked it!
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    Akriel's name apparently means two things from what I've looked up...
    "Akriel is the angel of barrenness. He can be called upon for help in cases of stupidity, when reciting verses from Deuteronomy."
    "Akriel: An angel who helps people who have problems with infertility. These include conception, sterility, and lack of libido."
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    In english Ryuji means Two dragon. But Shikamoto doesn't mean anything. (Unless it's "Shikamo to" then it's moreover door.......honestly I didn't know Shikamo of wasn't an actual Japanese name or surname until now)

    As for the origin. My all time favorite video game character's name is Ryudo. He's from a game called grandia 2. I always remember watching my older brothers playing that game and of course me being really young and all I couldn't comprehend the story but the battle system and music kept me entertained. But when I got older and played the game myself. I fell in love with the game even more. And Ryudo became my favorite character not only because of his design but his personality and development as well. I named my channel on YouTube after him and another one of my favorite characters as well. But then eventually I grew out of the "do" at the end and went straight to Ryu...and then later on my friend added Shikamoto as the surname as a joke but it had a nice ring to it and the ji at the end was another friend's idea so the name stuck with me in real life and on my utau (btw I know the name is dangerously close to Ryuji Sakamoto from persona 5 and boy my reaction when I named the main character Ryuji Moto haha)
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    (This is long, I'm sorry)

    Yuri's first name came from an OC named Lily (just Lily, she had no surname at the time). I wanted to make that character into an UTAU, but once I remembered "Lily" was the exact name of a Vocaloid, 12-year-old me decided "welp, you can't do that anymore" and translated it into Japanese. Yuri looks nothing like her now, ironically

    Her first surname was Konne. It was supposed to mean "mixed sound" because she had a mix of hair colors and because it was a personal joke regarding how bad she sounded. Unfortunately, my understanding of Japanese was beyond horrific at the time, so it was grammatically incorrect. I kept it until I discovered Yuuto Konseine, who uses the correct surname, and then decided "welp, you can't share that surname, but you also can't keep this disaster... time to find a new one!"

    The day before I turned 13, I chose Tamaki as her new surname because of the ring she wears in every design (and because it can also mean "circle of friends"). I found out later that if the kanji is pronounced as "tamaki," it's actually a bracelet and not a ring/circle. The pronunciation for that is "wa."
    But I really didn't want to call her Yuri Wa, so this name stuck!
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