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Discussion in 'Commissions' started by tetodash, Mar 26, 2020.

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    I make UTAU videos with interesting visuals a lot now. I know not everyone is able to edit videos for one reason or another so I've deiced to start taking commissions for it. Here's a few examples of what I can do:

    I can do more than what is showcased here, such as including the lyrics on screen.
    The pricing depends on how much you want and how long the song is. The last 2 videos where the characters are shown as they sing take much longer to do. The most basic videos would be $5.00 (USD) which would include a still picture of whatever you want (example: The UTAU singing), a background and another bigger still picture or premade video. It would then be $2:00 more for any simple effects you want added (example: A wave spectrum like in the first 2 videos or a moving background.
    Videos like the 2 last ones would be $20.00 for up to 4 characters. $2.00 will be added for each extra charaters you want.
    Prices may be adjusted depending on what you request to be in the video.
    You must provide the art and premade videos. I can make custom art and custom edits but that will add a lot to the over all price depending on what you want. The art and sprite edits can actually take longer than the video to make sometimes.
    Please respond to this thread, dm me, or contact me on Twitter or Instagram if you are interested
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    If this offer is still open, I have an illustration prepared. I just want some effects for the cover video.

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