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    Hello! UTAU commissions are now open! I need money, so I will be glad to draw UTAU-related art. - Additional info

    - I accept Points and Paypal;
    - Prices are set for one UTAU character;
    - Base price can change depending on your preferences;
    - If you feel generous, you may include a tip in a form of PayPal commission (3.9% + $0.3 currently) or any other amount;
    - I start to draw after receiving FULL payment in advance;
    - First come first served;
    - No refunds.
    What’s in:

    - people (anime girls and boys);
    - anthro;
    - ecchi.
    I don’t do:
    - bulky men (jocks);
    - gore.
    $1 (USD) = 100 points.
    UTAU icons: $5 or 500 points
    Concept Art (full body): $10 or 1000 points
    Cover Art: $20 or 2000 points ​
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    - decent character reference;
    - your expectations from a drawing;
    - text description in case you want to specify additional details such as their characters, clothing etc.

    If you don't want me to submit artwork to DA you can ask me not to.

    Deadline: Depends on commissions number and my free time. (Don't forget that I'm a student).

    PM me if you want to order.
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