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    Forum Rules

    Upon becoming a member of UtaForum, you are expected to read, understand and abide by the following Terms of Use. If you have any questions about the following, please contact an administrator.

    • Respect your fellow members.
      We're not asking for you to sugar-coat everything and sing kumbayah around the campfire, but if you have problems with someone that cannot be said in a respectful and calm manner, discuss it in private, not in public. Yes, the chat area counts as public.
    • Follow board-specific rules.
      Some boards have rules specific to that board alone. Be sure to check up on them before posting. Many of these deal with copyright and other serious issues, so heed them.
    • Please limit chat-speak.
      This is not Twitter. You are not limited to 140 characters. Please, try to use complete words when typing. Extraneous phrases like "lol" or "wtf" are fine, but don't make your entire post along these lines. We can understand if English is your second language, but please try your best to use full words.
    • SPAM is not tolerated.
      This includes everything from multi-threading, triple-posting, reckless self-promotion, and PM floods. Don't make a mess that the staff will have to clean. It is not the way to get on their good side and hurts you more than it could ever possibly help.
    • No sockpuppeting or multiple accounts.
      Creating multiple accounts to harass/spam or to meddle with voting and rating mechanics is strictly forbidden. If we find you have created multiple accounts for such reasons, ALL your extra accounts will be banned and you will receive a SEVERE (strike 2) warning.
    • No manipulating or gaming forum mechanics.
      Particularly important concerning the UTAU Showcase and Resource sections; this includes but is not limited to likes, points, post count, reviews, ratings, views, tokens, etc. Any attempt to game or compromise forum systems will result in a double warning, or potential ban if you have been warned before.
    • No pornography.
      Keep the forum PG13. If you want to talk about porn, ecchi, hentai there are better places to do it. The only Hentai you are allowed to post is the one on our staff.
    • Link responsibly.
      You are responsible for what you are linking to. Do not link to any porn, hate, or shock image sites. If you have to think twice about it, then you probably shouldn't do it.
    • Respect TOSes and Software Licenses.
      This applies to the UTAU software, individual voicebanks, UTAU resources, and any other software. Comply with the TOS and all other usage clauses and licenses.
    Profile Rules
    All of the above rules also apply to your user profile, avatars, sigs, and username.
    • Signatures
      Images in your signature must not exceed 500px by 150px. Normal posting rules apply to sigs. Excessively long sigs may be trimmed.
    Due to the history of the community, after the first offense (where a verbal warning is given) the infraction system is system-warning-based; three-strikes-and-you're-out. Breaking any of the rules above results in warnings. If an offense is deemed to be worse than the norm, it will be discussed among the mods and appropriate action will be taken.

    • First Offense
      Verbal warning through PM or in reply to board. A verbal warning will always be designated as "@[username] - Warning: [message]" in order not to confuse an official warning with a cautionary statement.
    • Second Offense
      Warning-system official warning.
    • Third Offense
      Warning-system official warning.
    • Fourth Offense
      Permanent ban from the forum.
    Zero Tolerance
    Doing any of the following results in an immediate and permanent IP ban from the forum.
    • Death Threats
    • Evading Temporary Ban

    See Also
    • UTAU Usage Policy
      Respect the UTAU Usage Policy. It can be read in its entirety here.
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