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    This is a songwriting collab to help us all develop our skills! Everyone who joins will get the opportunity to practice all 4 of these: Composition, Production/Arrangement, Lyrics and Melody, and Vocal Tuning. After each step, the song will be swapped with another person. Once you sign up, please be sure to stay until the end!

    July 2 - July 11: Signup
    July 12 - August 8: Composition
    August 9 - August 29: Production/Arrangement
    August 30 - September 12: Lyrics and Melody
    September 13 - September 26: Vocal tuning
    September 27 - October 3: Mixing (by the producer/arranger)
    October 4 - October 10: Mastering (by Kiyoteru)

    The final album will be released as a free download on Bandcamp once it's complete. If you want to make a music video or sell the song, please discuss that with the people who contributed to the song.

    Discord Server:

    Use the reaction in the rules channel to sign up. Please make sure you can commit your time to this project from start to finish! Throughout the process we will be able to discuss how to do each step and give each other feedback and support. Let's learn how to write original songs together!

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