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    Hi ! I'm Ruby and I've decided to open up OTO commissions !

    I've seen most people charge based on the type of bank (CV, CVVC, VCV, etc.) but I've decided to do a different rate; the price is $1 USD per 50 oto entries (rounded up at 30 or more). I can accept commissions for any type of bank, but they will all follow that base fee.

    IF YOUR VOICEBANK IS 2000 ENTRIES OR MORE: I will add a 15% discount. If it exceeds 5000 entries, than I will add a 20% discount.

    If you want two or more sets of aliases on a voicebank (ie. romaji and kana), just let me know and we can figure out a price for that.

    If you are interested, please contact me either through here or discord at ruby#8406.


    examples will be updated once I get examples on other banks aside from my own
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