OREMO and UTAU Translation Project

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    UTAU + OREMO Translation Project

    English translation for the UTAU interface has been available for a long time.
    However, this project aims to create translation patches for as many languages as possible.

    If you would like to contribute a translation, please let us know!

    For translation of UTAU from English, it is best to use Mianaito-san's Full English Patch.

    For translation of UTAU from the original Japanese GUI strings, refer to the GUI Translation page on the UTAU wiki.

    For translation of OREMO from English, Mianaito-san has also created a complete OREMO English patch.

    PLEASE NOTE! Because non-unicode characters do not show in UTAU, accent marks will not work!


    UTAU Translation

    English - Mianaito-san - Download

    Dutch/Nederlands - Invader-Leandra - Download

    German/Deutsch - xShadowxXIII - Download

    Brazilian Portugese/Português Brasileiro - tady159 - Download

    Spanish/Español - Kaotik - Download
    Yesi-chan - Download

    Italian/Italiano - AmaiHarukaze - Download


    OREMO Translation

    English - Mianaito-san - Download

    German/Deutsch - nils8950 - Download
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    I am currently working on a Filipino UTAU res. I have no access to my PC at this time, and I might upgrade my PC from XP to 7 soon, so the release is delayed.
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    I can do a french translation of utau. But only with words.. I have no knowledge about programs. So if you want.. But maybe i can learn if it s not too hard to understand :wink:

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