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Discussion in 'Commissions' started by CosmindArt, Sep 21, 2020.

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    Hello! Im looking for a voice provider for a male UTAU, Im new to this forum so forgive me if Im not posting in the right place

    Im not too picky about the Voicebank type, I like: Jpn CV, Jpn VCV, Eng Arpasing the most but I might be interested in an Eng VCCV bank. (just one is fine, not all four, unless you wanna do one of each language and if so Ill pay/trade fairly)
    Im not that experienced with multipitch banks so monopitch VB are peachy-keen for me! I'd like the Male VB to be more on the young adult to mature side, not kid-like

    Im an FTM dude who's pre-T so my voice isn't that fitting but I did record a few VBs for my pervious male UTAU and I just wasn't sure satisfied with how it turned out (Jpn VCV, Eng Arpasing)

    What Im offering:
    > Money (via paypal)
    > Art
    > Unrigged 3D model (made from scratch! not edits of MMD bases)
    > This English VCCV voicebank I recorded but isn't satisfied with

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