[Momi Cup 3 - MMD PV] Love is Over- Teaser and announcement

Discussion in '3D & Miku Miku Dance' started by Apparatus, Nov 14, 2012.

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    [Momi Cup 3 - MMD PV] Love is Over - Final Teaser

    [Momi Cup 3 - MMD PV] Love is Over - Final Teaser

    I typically do not come over here to the Utaforums, but I thought I would share what I've been doing in the Vocaloid community~

    I am indeed entering the upcoming Momi Cup. I am also planning an upcoming project with Process39 for a MMD work in the future for next year.

    Also id like to say i'm (hopefully, im waiting on contact back) running Katsucon's Vocaloid panel this upcoming February. We're gonna focus on Vocaloid, but also on the other communities inspired by vocaloid as well, such as the Utau and MMD communities.

    I will also be premiering someone's (it'll be a big surprise!) MMD Cup 10 MMDPV at the end of the panel, as well as a long preview of my own MMDPV, Love is Over.

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