Cover WIP Live and Learn FEAT Kagamine Rin V4 English

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    This is the first real vocaloid cover I'm working on
    at the moment I haven't finished the tuning and some words sound a bit weird like when rin says "ow" on multiple notes when it's supposed to be more of a "oooooo oooo ooo ow"
    the mixing is not finished yet

    Some advices would be useful to help me because I have difficulties to make rin's voice sound powerful enough in a rock song like this, she sounds a bit too calm, I wonder what could be done to fix it, maybe some growl...

    Original song by : Crush40
    Instrumental by : Crush40 (I'm planning to make my own instrumental version after having finished the vocals)
    Lyrics by : Crush40 (lyrics available here )

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