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    Helpful Websites

    Below are some helpful UTAU websites that offer help with the UTAU software, voicebank downloads, communicating with other UTAU users, and tutorials on other UTAU/Vocaloid related software.


    UTAU and Vocaloid Related
      An UTAU profile and voicebank database that is easy to search, filter, view demos, and find downloads.
    • UTAbook
      An UTAU community with many features, including blog, repost Youtube and soundcloud media, and a growing voicebanks and USTs directory.
    • Overseas-UTAfest
      A deviantART fangroup for UTAU, often is a good place to check for commissions, reference art and other members to talk to.
    • UTAU Library
      Has a list to several UTAU voicebanks and USTs/VSQs
    • Camila Melodia's Blog
      Has some USTs and some UTAU tips, as well as a Lyric Extractor for USTs.
    • MikuMikuBeat
      A site with good resources for UTAU, PMD editor and MMD
    • Vocalochu's UST/VSQ Database
      A collection of USTs and VSQs for popular Vocaloid songs
    • Micandonburi
      A site with several Vocaloid song midi files for download

    Japanese Language Related
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