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    If you're an older member or someone who's been here a while, I think it would be fun to introduce yourself again today, but in an alternate reality where you just joined UF. Try to keep as true to the current you as possible. Make it interesting!

    You can even quote your original intro to compare what has changed over time.

    Well, uh, I'm partial. I've been into the singthesis scene for a little less than 6 years, so I guess compared to some, I'm new. I have a dragon child named TYPE A, and he's my only UTAU. I also provided the voice for the XOTA unit I.V., who is my first voice acted vb. I enjoy drawing, though I think my skills are a little rough, and I like English voicebanks. My favorite types of characters/vocals are the ones that I can look at/hear and not be able to tell which gender they are.

    My favorite Vocaloid is the banana boy.

    Glad to be a part of a community!
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    My original intro: "I'm new and confused. I apologize for being awkward. Anyway, I'm quiet, so... yeah."

    Hi I've been planning a voice bank for four years and restarted 6 times and may or may not finish anything other than edgy poetry. I'm happy to discuss weird or unusual things and like writing and drawing. I hope to actually get stuff done soon, so hopefully my track record of failed attempts can be improved at least a little.

    Comparison: either way I'm cringing.

    I actually love this idea though
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    Interesting response!

    I sorta hope others reply, too. I'm too curious.
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    Hello, I'm Iris! I've been a vocal-synth fan since 2011, but I've only used UTAU since 2015.
    I really like K-Pop and anime. My favourite K-Pop group is NU'EST and my favourite anime is Noragami.
    My UTAU are Kiseki Noke, Hana Noto, and Wikter.
    My favourite Vocaloid is v flower, my favourite producer is kz livetune, and my favourite Vocaloid songs are Dappou Rock by Neru, Ame Nochi Sweet*Drops by OSTER Project, and Nijiiro by kz livetune.
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