Open PayPal Art Huge Commission Preorder Sale (deviantART)

Discussion in 'Commissions' started by Katiana Sakuta, Oct 21, 2019.

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    Here's the deviantART link. There are lots of slots available, I accept deviantART points and PayPal!

    The sale means that throughout November, all of my art in these slots will be at least half price of the normal price! A lot of slots remain even cheaper than that! And I doubt I'll be doing a sale this big again, so it's worth checking out!


    Also, on an unrelated note that should probably be put in a different section but I'm tagging it on the end here because I don't know why, I don't think I've posted much on here, hi!

    I'm working on recording a new VCV bank to celebrate my main two UTAU's 3 year anniversary! (Time flies!)

    I really love the creativity in design and song creating of the UTAU community, and I just wanna take the time to say well done to everyone who's made something! :wink:

    I can't tell you the amount of times that I've scrolled through the showcase or looked at hundreds of medleys and covers to try to get inspired by all the different, unique and creative UTAU I've seen!

    So thank you for making a community that I love being a (albeit mostly silent) part of! :love:

    I think the looming anniversary has made me all soft and sentimental. Soppy speech over, buy my art, okay bye. :holy:

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