Hi! New but also old MMDer and UTAU fan

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Natt, Jun 17, 2020.

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    /Shakes cane
    Back in my day we all covered Toeto and many of us had CV banks with silly otos and VCV was pretty darn new LOL.
    Now there's Arpasing? and CVVC CVCVVCCCVVVCAVBAVCVCXAF banks!? jk jk.

    Anyways, hi. I'm Nat. I used to go by PiosanK or PK in the later half of my UTAU and MMD shenanigans.
    I used to do UTAU stuff extremely casually around 2009~2013. And I've been a fan of VOCALOID since 2007.
    I kinda fell out of it because of school and now trying to figure out how to adult.

    I've never been good at mixing and tuning wasn't a word I'd seen around until roughly '14~'15
    I've made lots of voicebanks but they're all probably not very good considering theyre like a decade old.
    I've also made a handful of MMD models and worked with MMDFakewings18 and PolygonCount back before we all had to slow way down or stop MMDing for college and stuff.

    I never made many videos with my models except this one of my lil doggo UTAU.

    I want to get back into UTAU and learn how to do some decent mixing and tuning. I've dreamt of making an UTAU and an MMD model for it and just diving back in to the community for years. A lot of my old voicebanks can't raelly get updates and sound the same because of a little thing called puberty so my voice is deeper these days.
    I dabbled with a CVVC bank just to test in recent yrs but configuring otos was done by a friend.

    All of my old voicebanks were recorded as one long AF file on a handheld SONY recorder in a car because I didn't have a microphone back then LOL. It was really wonky so my old banks are all pretty. Whack. Probably.

    I'm an artist full time and use Patreon and art commissions to pay my rent and groceries.
    I primarily draw furry art on commission and anime human/kemonomimi art for myself when I'm not doing comms.
    I LOVE OCs A LOT and would love to have some MMD/UTAU/OC buddies. Also a big fan of Final Fantasy.
    I'm LGBTQIA friendly and a wholesome memer kinda dude.

    Looking for some friends to talk to about our own UTAU and tips and stuff and 3D modeling or art.
    And VERY INTERESTED in current up to date information and resources regarding tuning or good reclists, if we still use OREMO etc. I consider myself a total newbie still and I'm looking to learn and chat and draw UTAU stuff and make friends with some UTAU/MMD users because BOY do I miss it.
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    thats so cool!! i joined the community only like 2 years ago. im happy to see that people are coming back to the community :D

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