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    In an attempt to promote community created content I have added a new widget to the sidebar, the "Featured Albums" widget.

    If you created an UTAU album and would to be featured in the sidebar message me with the following details:
    • Album Art
    • Album Name
    • Producer Name
    • Download / Purchase URL
    Beyond the above info I will also have some minimum requirements you must meet to have a qualifying submission.
    • Minimum 25 minutes of total runtime to count as an "album".
    • 33% of tracks must feature an UTAU to count as an UTAU album*
    • For FREE albums the submitter must have a minimum of 25 posts.
    • For PWYW albums the submitter must have a minimum of 50 posts.
    • For Commercial albums there is a 1 token submission fee.
    * - Non-UTAU albums can be submitted but they will only be accepted on a case-by-case basis. They must be related to the community (Vocaloid, Utaite, UTAU tracks, etc.), the submitter must have a minimum of 50 posts and it may be subject to an additional 1 token fee.

    Featured Albums will rotate with each page load with each album having an equal chance at being featured. In intern the starting rotation will have several affiliate-linked commercial albums till the rotation is populated. Later on as the community fills the rotation these affiliate albums will be phased out.

    As usual Supporters are exempt from ads and thus they may not be able to see the new widget until a qualifying community album is submitted. For non-Supporters if you do not wish to see the Featured Albums anymore you can always minimize the widget if you ever get sick of the current rotation.
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