WIP Critique Requested バツ猫/XxX Cat (Short) English Cover ft. Sonata

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    An attempt was made. Original VCV .ust by Conslo, MS Paint ""art"" by moi

    Every day I kick against the rocks on the ground so
    the shoes I wear are wearing as they rub against the cracks.
    Every day, my eyes are trained upon the worn out shoes I wear and
    Both my back and neck turn into those of a cat's

    On the asphalt all the bumps and lines make patterns if you look just right
    But from anyone who'd look, I'm surely the only one who minds

    Let's just go 'head, beat it all to shreds, those ugly eyes and nose
    Let's just go 'head, beat it all to shreds, those ugly ears and mouth
    From my head, to my shoulders to my knees and toes
    To my nails, to my legs, to my shins and elbows
    To the scratches filled up with germs in my brain
    clean it and wash it all away

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