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    Hello! So far ☆ASDR☆ has raised around $250 for and this is fantastic. We have been running for 2 years now and I think we should celebrate ourselves! So to do this we are going to expand the net a little bit further and gather some new resources.

    ☆ASDR☆ or AudioSynthesizeDirectRelay, is a collaborative, western, Vocaloid and UTAU doujin circle.

    We donate the proceedings from our albums to charities. This year we are supporting –

    Quotes from our Bandcamp Page:

    Ryukrieger: This album is just good. There are many good songs in this album, but my favourite is definitely Glass Wall!

    Pulse Tunes I love this entire album. I can’t truly chose between blue.exe and Glass Wall as a favorite, but I’m loving everything! I’m so glad I found out about this album! The music is very well done.

    Stephen Darby An extraordinary amount of work goes into producing music like this. I’m looking forward to future releases; this one plays on repeat while I’m working.

    Eric Lee Not only is it a wonderful usage of an English Vocaloid, the song itself is beautiful. The instrumental is very pleasant to listen to, and the lyrics are fluid and relatable.

    ☆ASDR☆ is looking for new and returning enthusiastic producers of all skill levels to help create an album for VCCV English UTAU.

    Read appropriate T&C’s before applying.

    Applications Forms


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