Weeaboo Otakune

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  1. kimchi-tan
    "Very Nihon! Honto Japan!"
    Pros - BESUTO Pronunciation
    Original design dayo
    Simple is good
    Sexy weight
    Cons - He can't be my husbando :'<
    I want to start off this review my saying that I'm sad that I can't marry him :cry: But if it means that no one else can have him then I'm fine with it :love:

    Weeaboo-sama is my ideal guy - tall, sexy, and Japanese! Even if you were to encounter problems with using him, everything will be daijoubu because he's hot :wink:

    Even if he's a joke VB, his samples are ridiculously clear and has a really good oto. Plus joke covers are fun to make because of his pronunciation XD