1. Yanderu
    "Need Some Inprovements"
    Pros - -Cute voice
    -Brings back the days of Momo
    Cons - -Can be soft a lot
    -Higher F#4-ish pitch can make the bank sound airy with resamplers which don't pitch down well.
    -OTO can be better
    -Is hard to tune with more dynamic pitchbends
    She's very average for a new UTAUloid, but can be airy and weak. Her oto lacks in structure and is sometimes more choppy, her Hiragana aliases show as ? for me, and the end breaths are OTO'ed incorrectly. However, with growth comes the better part, I hope to see her soon with a VCV or CVVC and maybe a couple strong appends here and there!
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    1. PaulingClover
      I'm sorry about everything. She was my first utau and I made her a long while back. Hopefully I can revisit her and work to make her sound less bad! Thanks for the advice!