OREMO Recording Package Zurui's CVVCV Reclist 1.3

Completely original, I swear!

  1. Zurui
    Note: This download includes 2 lists: A list written in Kana and a list written in Romaji.

    This a mixed list, and includes both VCV (from my custom 7-mora list) and CVVC elements. This list was engineered to maximize realism between the spaces of consonants, but still allow for heavy editing and customization.

    Much like my custom VCV bank, every sound that can be made in the Japanese language, even obscure sounds like "ぢょ", can be recorded.

    This bank also includes sounds for English compatibility. These sounds include:
    • L Sounds (written as Katakana R; ラ; la)
    • English R Sounds (written as r_[Hiragana R]; r_ら; rra)
    • Unvoiced Th Sounds [Thick] (written as Katakana S; サ; tha)
    • Voiced Th Sounds [Them] (written as Katakana Z; ザ; dha)
    • V Sounds (written as Katakana V; ヴ; vu)
    This reclist includes normal breaths and something I call "intakes". Intakes are special breaths that can be placed between the short pauses in between phrases. The kanji for intakes is "吸" (きゅう; kyuu).

    An extra in this bank is a starred beginning note (- あ*). All that this simply does is add a beginning breath to the beginning of the phrase, but it can be quite useful.

    This is an example of the fullest extent of the bank. I would like to think it sounds fairly fluid, even for a monopitched bank!

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a message and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

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Recent Reviews

  1. WretchedKalamity
    Version: 1.3
    This is an amazing reclist! It contains everything I need to make a good bank, and the romaji oto saved my life, and let me pronounce and record quickly without worrying about trying to read kana, 10/10!
  2. Hentai
    Version: 1.3
    Excellent reclist with a complete OREMO recording package. Base OTO with both romanji and katakana support. Everything you would ever want in a reclist!
  3. Link48
    Version: 1.0
    This Reclist is complete, Oremo compatible, and even have explanations for pronouncing phonemes, a good try for making it beginner-friendly, a BGM guide is also provided (for Oremo), as well as a hiragana and romaji version of the reclist. The only lack would be a base oto.ini especially for aliases, this might be the only repulsing thing for beginners. However, if you know how to create aliases, it is not a real problem.
    1. Zurui
      Author's Response
      I have just added a base oto.ini to the download. That problem should be fixed!