UTAU Plugins Tutorial 2014-09-21

So, I am asked this very, very often - "How do I get plugins into UTAU/install them/use them?"

  1. shinami
    So, I am asked this very, very often - "How do I get plugins into UTAU/install them/use them?" So I made a quicky picture tutorial that hopefully explains it all. Sites like Tinypic and Photobucket keep resizing it, so you'll just have to go to Deviantart to look at it.

    UTAU Plugins Tutorial by shinamiEBA on deviantART

    Feel free to comment/ask questions here or there. Again, hope this helps people!

    Copypasta of the description there:

    Five bajillion people have asked me how to properly install and use Plugins on UTAU. So, despite how there's probably other tutorials on this (I'm too lazy to search), I decided to piece one together because I'm too lazy to do a video on it.

    Sorry you all have to suffer through my handwriting. Why I didn't type the things is beyond me.

    Like I say in it, try to figure out what went wrong if it isn't showing up/it isn't performing its function, and if nothing works THEN ask me and I'll try to help you work it out. Also, please please PLEASE tell me if I forgot something or said something wrong in this tutorial.

    Hope this helps people!

    ALSO. Since I know people will ask about it, here's where you can get the Romaji to Hiragana plugin: Romaji to kana plugin
    UTAU Plugin Directory is here (All Japanese site; just scroll down to the table): UTAU ユーザー互助会@ ウィキ - UTAU用プラグイン

    I'm having trouble finding the thread on UTAforum that explains the useful ones. Feel free to dig around for tips, plugins, how-tos, and stuff on these UTAforum boards:
    Tutorials & Resource Directory | UtaForum 4.0 Beta™
    Q&A and Tech Support | UtaForum 4.0 Beta™

    NOTE that some plugins may not work without Japanese local or AppLocale. Many rely on Japanese inside .txt files, which turns to gibberish without the locale change, so I am unsure what will work and what won't.