Single Reclist Short VCCV english 2017-12-27

This is a short VCCV recitelist

  1. Yoichi-Masaki
    This is a very short VCCV english recite list that I have come up with based on my VCVE style that I have been working on. It cuts down many of the notes to make a much shorter list. It is not plug-and-play able with the current VCCV but it may be a nice alternative for people who want to make shorter banks.

    so what has been removed and how do I make it work without it?

    1. there are no Ank b, 9l b, m b, nb, ect notes.
    essentially just skip these combos. instead of using "9" "9l b" "bQ" use "9" "9l" "bQ"

    2: there is no dd note
    just chose d or t depending on the word

    3: there is no hh
    just use h

    4: no vowels combos
    use vowels individually

    5: no dipthongs
    instead of "bQ" "Q h" "h8" "8-" use "bO" "E h" "h@" "8-"


    Q= O E
    8= @ o
    A= e E
    I= a E

    this is an experimental list, so it has no base oto, but it could be worth a try. it should also be able to do Japanese CVVC with the right aliases
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