OREMO Recording Package Korean CVVC Reclist 2.0

A new and improved Korean CVVC reclsit, with easy-to-understand instructions, a reference bank, &UST

  1. UPDATED Korean CVVC Reclist

    Ronnie <UniverseJuice>
    Every glottal stop was removed since they are rarely ever used in USTS.
    The "rael" strings were removed and instead "raer" and "lael" were added for better blending.
    "eu~m~l~m~i" was replaced with "eu~m~l~m~i~m" to add the "i m" blend that was apparently not present before.
    The "fa" "tha" "va" and "za" added strings were changed to "faf" "that" "vav" and "zaz" strings.
    Some pronunciation tips were adjusted
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