How to upload to Nico Nico Douga

How to upload to Nico Nico Douga

  1. shinami
    Just posted this on YouTube. I'm still hiding from the internet, but a friend needed this help. If there's already a tutorial that goes over this stuff, I apologize.

    [UTAU-Related Tutorial] How to upload to Nico Nico Douga

    *View in 720p to see the text details and such! Scroll down for extra info and useful tags!

    This was really made for my buddy Cola since she just made a Nico account and is having trouble figuring it out. But...I thought since I was making a video of it anyways that I was going to keep private, why not make it so everyone can see it? I dunno. I bet there are other videos just like this out there.

    This is only basics. Basics. I only go over what is absolutely necessary. If you have any questions about Nico, feel free to ask -  I might know, I might not.

    Hope this helps people, newbies and people who are just inexperienced with Nico alike! Useful tags and the differences in Voicebank Download title kanji is below the text-block of extra info! If you know other popular UTAU tags I didn't list, please tell me them.

    Wow, I left out a bit. Here, I'll add some info.

    -Site is
    -On your top bar, log out is the bottom option in the drop-down. Clicking the blue option is to sign up for Premium. If I remember correctly, it's around $8 a month (a bit steep) and you can pay with PayPal for easy conversion of currencies, but it does have some limitations (I think a video just needs to be less than 100MB, I'm not sure).
    -I derped a bit when talking about video dimensions. Really, you can easily select 16:9 or 4:3 if you're certain, if your dimensions are slightly off or custom just leave it on the default, which would be why a black border would surround your video on Nico.
    -REALLY derped when talking about the rate limitations for regular users. The limit IS 600 kbps. I checked. Again, unsure if there is one for frame rate or sound settings. 30 fps and Audio Settings of 128 kbps, 48 kHz, stereo work perfectly for me but I'm sure that's not the optimal settings.
    -Those drop-down arrows in the video uploading/editing screens aren't really important. I'm not 100% sure of what all of them are, but some are for comments, if people are allowed to embed it, etc. The automatic settings seem fine though.
    -I broke my train of thought when I talked about just making a bunch of english words for the title. Think about it - Nico is a Japanese site. If you're covering a Japanese song with a Japanese name and using a Japanese UTAU, use the proper Japanese!
    -Any sm, nm (There are others too), user, or mylist number automatically links. So you can just put smxxxxxx, nmxxxxxx, user/xxxxxx, and/or mylist/xxxxxx in your description and they link.
    -For everything I didn't explain, just explore and click around! That's how I learned most of this.


    UTAU = Posting any UTAU related video
    VOCALOID→UTAUカバー曲 = Covering a Vocaloid original with an UTAU
    UTAU→UTAUカバー曲 = Covering an UTAU original with an UTAU
    UTAUカバー曲 = Covering a singer original with an UTAU
    UTAUオリジナル曲 = Posting an original UTAU song
    UTAU連続音音源 = Posting a video using a VCV UTAU
    CVVC収録音源 = Posting a video using a CV VC UTAU
    UTAU海外組 = Posting a video containing an Overseas UTAU
    UTAU音源配布所リンク = Releasing a voicebank in the description
    ust配布 = Releasing a UST in the description
    UTAU英語部 = Making UTAU sing in English
    And of course, your UTAU's name and the song title.

    FOR THE TITLE, proper ettiquette is along the lines of 【UTAUカバー】Song Name【UTAU Name】. If releasing an UTAU, replace the UTAUカバー with UTAU新音源配布 for CV banks and UTAU連続音源配布 for VCV banks. There is a lot of variation, but this is the simple and easy way if you don't know any Japanese. There are MANY other ways the Japanese may do it. But again, simplicity.