OREMO Recording Package CVVC Mandarin Reclist LUNA-style 1.0

a CVVC style reclist for Mandarin - base oto and pronunciation guide present

  1. lunamageice
    Hello there~ I actually released this list on my soundcloud a while back, but thought I should put it here as well!
    This list has pinyin elements, but is altered to correspond to the sounds they actually make. I did this because if you don't know pinyin, or its your first time recording a Chinese bank, since my very first one had a lot of incorrect sounds since they're written in normal pinyin! Remember, the symbols used for the alternate sounds DO NOT necessarily correspond to the same symbol in x-sampa!

    The list corresponds of CV, VV, and VC recordings!

    If you have any questions, just tweet to me. That's how I usually respond nowadays! If you have questions that take longer than 140 characters (since that's twitter's limit per post), feel free to email me at lunamageice@gmail.com

    Here's a demo of a tripitch version I made for Akihana:

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  1. rainbowpawa
    Version: 1.0
    It's nice and I am looking forward on recording with this list for my baby Peridot. :D