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Reclists from the Arpasing website

  1. Changed links

    Rehosted files on a more reliable website
  2. Fixed download links

    New, functional download links have been added for these reclists.
    • 0.2.0 with index
    • 0.2.0 no index
    • 0.1.0 with index
    • 0.1.0 no index
    • 6 syllable with index
    • 6 syllable no index
    • KLADlist
    • CMU Arctic list
    • VCCV index
    • Yuki list KLAD edit
    The following reclists need updated download links.
    • HitCoder's edit of Adlez27's reclist
    • HitCoder's British English reclist
    • Yukito Yuki's reclist (Version 1)
    • Yukito Yuki's reclist (Version 2)
  3. Added HitCoder's "full" reclist

    "full" arpasing reclist that is context based. (easy to record aside from the CCs section)
    A very small amount of things are missing; you shouldn't require many workarounds with this list.
    5-mora aside from CCs section, and does not use an index.csv file as filenames are written in arpabet.
    This reclist is the 080819 version; There may be a newer version later down the line.
  4. Added HitCoder's British reclist

    Arpasing Reclist for British English - 256 samples. Script has humanly readable words. Made to work with Recieved Pronunciation. (2nd August 2017 edition, no updates since as of 7th April 2019)
  5. Updated cocoacacao's list

    This is an edit of my old 41-sample list that is now 42 samples and has some minor-ish edits. Namely, I forgot a few transitions and forgot to add q samples.
  6. Fixed typo in 0.2.0 6syl

    The index.csv should now be compatible with moresampler
  7. Fixed links

    VocalSynth Cloud is moving from vocalsynth.cloud to cloud.vocalsynth.io, so all VSC links have been updated. If your reclist is on VSC and you've shared the link in other places, please update those posts as well.
  8. Added cocoacacao's reclist edit

    A 41 sample extremely efficient list based of of Adlez27's original 139 sample list. The only downside is that there are many syllables per line. Includes little to no duplicates and all transitions except for some [c c] transitions.
  9. Added CMU Arctic script

    Set up as an OREMO reclist with comments and index.csv
  10. Updated Yukito Yuki's list

    Version 2