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  1. NIKA
    successfully mixed one song finally !! now to do the art and video.. we meet again editing hell
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  2. Yanderu
  3. WyndReed
    Anyone else using a tablet pc/tablet display to draw?
  4. Adam Snowflake
    Adam Snowflake
    "hey its me and you probably thought i was dead. your right i am. on the inside" - vine/
  5. Adam Snowflake
    Adam Snowflake
    Changed my profile pic to lance since he's my favorite. But usagi my old pic will still have a place on my set of official utauloids
  6. Adam Snowflake
    Adam Snowflake
    "hey its me you probably thought i was dead and your right i am. on the inside" - vine meme
  7. azazel
  8. RaccoonButler
    Reason for deletion: embarassing
  9. RaccoonButler
    utau fandom is the wildest cus u think u made a new friend then you find out they’re like guilty on 5 accounts of vehicular homicide
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  10. MiyiibotTsugaa
    Shinomaroru's official paid package and standalone voicebanks might come out this (british) Saturday!
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  11. Aurum79
    Aurum79 Row 4 Project Official
    Any plans for other elements outside of row 4? /jk
    1. Row 4 Project Official
      Row 4 Project Official
      Maybe, they used to be called other things but of course we are always looking for VP’s!
      Jul 19, 2018 at 12:14 AM
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    2. Aurum79
      I am actually interested in lending my voice but sadly I don't even have a mic. I might be getting one soon though.
      Jul 19, 2018 at 1:39 AM
  12. Sync_Ye
    Bedtime 2:04 am (Brazil)
  13. ReticentResolve
    Wow, just got the worst brush burn of my life. Barring when I was 7 and fell on pavement in shorts.
  14. IWantKaykz
    That error is caused by a troubleshooting as known B.Ipp0I_Ar and has uncommon distinguished events in it.
  15. IWantKaykz
    Reporting error, as known as M.E. Its very knowm from being positive and negative at the same time.
  16. koeoe02
  17. piachuk
    I finally finished my first song after a week of intensive work, now i think i'll take a bit of rest lol
  18. Sync_Ye
  19. Antonio Zurusaki
    Antonio Zurusaki
    Might come back to the community. *Makes a VB*
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  20. NIKA
    mixing / timing things is so difficult orz