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  1. Yokune Ruko
    Yokune Ruko
    I designed an Utauloid and I'm looking for a skilled artist to draw it!
    1. AnimeaSPrin
      Pay me and I'll do it, lol.
      Aug 4, 2020 at 9:17 PM
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    2. Yokune Ruko
      Yokune Ruko
      before I hire you I'd like to see some of the stuff you've drawn in the past.
      Aug 5, 2020 at 8:29 AM
  2. MillyAqualine
    Thoughts to Lebanon and Beirut....
  3. mikhail
  4. Lunnnaaaae
  5. Vocaphilia
    If anyone has a working copy of Utatane Piko they're willing to sell, PM me.
  6. Shasta
    So I impulsively bought Vocaloid 5...
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  7. Ivy!
    I made a full ust I'm a real utau user now
    1. Kiyoteru
      Haha, it was a trick, you've been a real UTAU user since the moment you first downloaded UTAU
      Jul 30, 2020 at 7:59 PM
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  8. bitterACE
  9. renqwq
  10. Kasane Teto-kun
    Kasane Teto-kun
    eating an entire loaf of bread by myself when my mom's not looking
  11. kailikescheese
  12. Mandinha
  13. atomicreih
    atomicreih Spice
    Hi! I tried to download SpiceVB and MediaFire told me I needed a premium account to download in bulk. Can you put a zip file of your voicebank as the download please? Otherwise I'm gonna have to download everything separately xD
    1. Spice
      oh! didn't know that :o i'll upload her vb as a zip rn!
      Jul 27, 2020
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  14. mahalisyarifuddin
    It would also great if frqeditor also features "real waveform preview" so it would make frq editing more fun.
  15. HanatheNeko
    Animalcrossinganimalcrossinganimalcrossinganimalcrossing!!!!!!!! yay!
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  16. atomicreih
    remaking my utau wish me luck rip2020
  17. AnnYann
    Utau in process! B)
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  18. Dionysus Frost
    Dionysus Frost
    would anyone be willing to alias my utau in romaji my computer keeps glitching out so i cant do it myself
  19. MillyAqualine
  20. lunaluna42