Weird/Odd Experiences/Stories You Have

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    I stayed in a cabin on vacation with my cousin's family a few years ago and there was a door that was locked in it. We thought it was normal, because when you rent a place there's usually a locked door where the people put their stuff right? After I found the door, I kept seeing this little girl everywhere around the cabin. I though that she was my little cousin at first, but I don't know how. She had brown hair and a yellow dress, and my little cousin is blond and didn't have a yellow dress.
    The whole time we were out I kept getting horrible feelings of "I'll die if I do this " and "someone died here" and I got really paranoid and of course it got written off as anxiety.
    My other little cousin had a stuffed dog with her when we first got there, and the day we left, it disappeared. As we were leaving I saw the little girl in front of the car (that's when I realized it wasn't my little cousin; little cousin was right next to me). She had a creepy sad smile and waved to me, and I immediately thought "she has the dog, it's in the closet." I felt like we were being watched until we were a mile away.
    About six months ago my little cousin found the dog in her closet at home halfway across the state from the cabin it was left in.

    This thread is very pleasant, I feel at home here.
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    I was alone in my house. It was 6:00. It's starting to get dark and I'm scared of the dark. I switched on the lights. The lights started flickering and hearing things fall down downstair after 6:30. And suddently the lights went out. I was terrified. It was still light outside that i could run to the room and get the flashlight and candles. I stayed on my room for two hours alone, just me, the candles and a book. I red the book while every little sounds make me jump. The shadows dance as if they were alive...
    I was glad when the lights came back ^^.

    If your wondering why i'm scared of the dark, I'm just 12 ^^

    Agree... And i've experienced the same, but with another girl...

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