UTAU: First impressions, misconceptions?

Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by partial, Oct 12, 2017.

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    I'm asking what you thought when you first found UTAU, if you thought anything at all.

    I personally thought being able to create your own was really cool, and I did design some horrible OCs. They never got a voice though. I never thought I would actually make my own UTAU, but as I began to get more active in the community I decided to try it out.

    But anyway, aside from thinking it was cool that anyone could make one, I didn't really like the choppiness of CV banks (however now I have no preference when it comes to Japanese, I'll use anything. But VCCV English is best English hoh) My next thought after thinking it was cool was that it was sort of a double edged sword, and I still think that today. There's no quality control, and hitting "random article" on the UTAU wiki is like playing with a slot machine. You never know what you'll get in terms of oto or recording quality. (Obviously having attractive art helps but it's not really the important thing here.) Also can we please edit all the pages that are tagged VCCV and are, in fact, not VCCV.
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    When I first found out about utau, I was obsessive. I was so entranced at the idea that I could use my voice to make a character sing. Because this was back in 2009, everyone voicebank was choppy and static, but it was the norm so no one complained. First starting out, I didn't see UTAU evolving as much as it did. When dipthong/tripthong first came out as we called it (omfg) the game changed. Like, VCV started an entire new era and the emergence of multipitch banks.

    I could never imagine that UTAU would have produce voicebanks that not only rival vocaloids, but also cross bridges and become vocaloids themselves
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    My first impression is what I think most people who were already Vocaloid fans also had: a choppier, lower quality version of Vocaloid. Although despite that, I warmed up to it as I eventually became a fan of the Vipperloids which eventually led me to downloading UTAU since I wanted to make them cover songs.
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    At first I actually wasn't a fan of UTAU because the only Utau I heard was Kasane Teto, I was a big Oliver fan. But then at somepoint while I was looking for some new music I found an Utau Cover using Mine Laru, and I was like "Why the heck not", AND OH MY GOODNESS HIS VOICE AND DESIGN SUCKED ME INTO THE UTAU PIT I'VE BEEN IN FOR 3 YEARS.... To say the least I reaallly liked him and I still do, and now I have my own Utau and I'm working on some Originals, so I'm thankful I found the dragon shark boi :uhuhu:

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