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Discussion in 'Singthesis News' started by MillyAqualine, Feb 13, 2018.

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    (So as usual, I've yet again made a thread so people can access to latest infos directly on here as soon as it arrives ~ )
    Hǎiyī (海伊)

    She is Xingchen's younger sister and is currently being developped by Beijing Photek. Her main colour scheme and theme remain ocean-centered. Atm her only demo is a song originally made with Xingchen, as a meaan of comparison between the two characters and vocals. And guess what's the most exciting part ? She has FOUR VBs planned for XSY purposes !
    Haiyi's got a Normal VB, the core bank. Her package will also feature a Power (more solid tone), a Dark (softer) and finally a bank called Aroma (seems like a sweet-type voicebank but it's hard to tell right now as the only moment we can hear it seems to be during a short XSY demo with the Dark append)moment .

    As usual what are your thoughts ?

    (On my side I LOVE the fact we have another ocean/sea-themed Vocaloid~ <3 And her voicebanks are really impressive, adding the fact I like her voicetype (perhaps reminescent of higher-pitched Chinese vocals like Luo, with a thng that also gives me Lapis' cute vibes-style ~ And I think she may turn as another huge fave Chinese vocaloid of mine, right behind YANHE and Longya+Tianyi ex-aequo. Also, as she hasn't any official English name like her sister, some speculate. On my side, I4d see well a Sea Lady, a Mermaid or even an Oceania/Thalassa if she was ever receiving one.

    I also highly predict at this point we may see an underworld/earth-centered third Vocaloid (as her company stated they were wondering about how five characters would be easy to manage, leading to more VBs possibilites besides Xingchen and Haiyi) seeing how things go. )
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    She sounds like a good UTAU. Nothing really more. If you've heard those covers people have made with Xia Yu Yao, she kinda has the same twang in her voice. I don't know if I like her just yet, I'll have to hear more of her in the future.
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    She sounds interesting, but it's hard to hear her clearly in that demo. Hopefully they release samples of just her vbs soon.
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    I think she's really cute so far but she doesn't look like Xingchen's sister at all lol

    Can't wait to see a solo demo~
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