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    These're some UTAU I've been working on for a while now, and I wanted some critique on their design and such. So here we are.

    I got inspired when I was binge playing Jak and Daxter.

    Full Name: Ephraim Angus Peregroy
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 120 lb
    Hair Color: Bluish Black
    Eye Color: Teal
    Skin Color: Grayish
    Cole Scheme: Green and Gray

    Effie is a mediator, and liked to keep things calm between his other friends. He is an alien race. Don't have a name for them.

    Full Name: Victor Erwing Simmons
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 160 lb
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Eye Color: Green
    Skin Color: Tannish Gray
    Color Scheme: Blue and Brown

    He's supposed to be a trouble maker, and he likes frilly things. He is a half breed between human and the alien race. (I don't have a name for it yet)

    Full Name: Orvar Matthais Escot
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 242 lb
    Hair Color: Gold
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Color: Pale Bluish
    Color Scheme: Yellow and Navy

    Orv is strict and formal. He is a different race than the first two, once characterised by their large muscle growth.

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